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The Instructional Technology department comes alongside staff to enhance learning opportunities with or without technology. We offer tools and practices that ensure that teachers at CGPS can prepare students for the world they are shortly entering. If you have any instructional needs, please feel free to reach out below. If you have tech issues like hardware or software installation, please go to help.capetigers.com.

Jamie at ISTE

Jamie Russell

Technology Instructional Specialist


Meet with Jamie

Starting in 2006, I taught Social Studies teacher for the Kennett School District then at at Nell Holcomb Middle School. As a teacher's kid, I experimented with many early technologies in the classroom including smart boards, media making, and several of the applications my parents both used in their classrooms. This learned love of technology was expanded in my own classroom and in classrooms of other colleagues' through facilitating trainings and troubleshooting. I joined Cape Central Junior High in the fall of 2013 and have worked hard alongside those in my building and the high school, bringing today's and tomorrow's technology to Cape Public School staff and students. I look forward to working with teachers to further student preparation for the lives waiting for them as they leave this school.

Technology is integral to our lives, and should therefore be an essential part of our classrooms. Learning to use technology in the classroom isn't about the mechanics of how a device or app works, but how it can be used to expand the way students learn and meet them where they are. We live in a world just beginning to embrace the changes that come with technology. It is our calling as teachers to prepare students for their adult lives, and a shift to integrate technology is a necessary component. Students, with or without us, now have tools to access a world of information that was previously inconceivable, and it expands still. Utilizing technology, we can foster even more empowered learning environments; instruction that meets the needs of every student; creating productive, responsible digital citizens for future generations.

Tina Schuessler

Tina Schuessler

Assistive and Instructional
Technology Support Coach


Meet with Tina

2006 marks the beginning of my teaching career with Cape Girardeau Public Schools. I have worked with students in grades PK-4, both in the classroom and library/media settings.

Early in in my career I was always amazed with the ways technology allowed my students to showcase their knowledge and for me to gain much needed data. This led me to get my Master’s Degree in Technology Integration in the Classroom, where I really began to see how technology has the capability to transform the entire learning experience. Putting new ideas into practice and utilizing newly developed technologies enabled my students to have experiences that would not have been possible for them to have otherwise. Enhancing student learning with technology not only provides students with novel experiences, but it is crucial in our world today.

I now get the privilege of sharing ideas with our staff through training and collaboration to help meet the needs of all students through the use of technology. I look forward to working with our staff to make this possible.

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